Winter Simulator

We have a Trackman 4 Simulator for the winter months!

We are forming two separate leagues for the winter: a morning league and an afternoon / evening league. If you’re interested in joining a league,
please let us know.

We will take some tee times during the week to fill the open slots. These will be one-hour time slots at $38.00 an hour. Most twosomes can play
nine holes in that timeframe. We can always book for more than one hour at a time, providing the availably to schedule a foursome play 18 holes
(four hours). On the weekends, the cost will be $45.00 per hour. Please call ahead to be sure that we have openings; don’t just walk-in expecting
to get one. We will offer a limited menu for food – including pizza – this winter, along with the normal drinks we have during the regular season.

We have over 200 courses to choose from!

Rental Rates:

  • Weekdays (Monday – Friday):
    $38.00 An Hour
  • Weekends (Saturday – Sunday):
    $45.00 An Hour